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Private classes are the perfect way to avoid the crowds in packed yoga studios and get more out of your yoga experience.


If you can't get to the studio, are a nervous beginner worried that in public classes you won't receive the personal attention you need to ensure you progress safely, or you're a busy person with a busy lifestyle, you can arrange private tuition to suit your schedule by having class at your home, office, or even in the park on a nice day!  You'll benefit from personal instruction and a practice that is tailored specifically for you.  Yoga can also be accompanied by a soundtrack of your favourite music if you wish to create the playlist!


Have a gentle stretching class to iron out the kinks of commuting and sitting at a desk on a stressful day, an intense work out to get you sweating and strengthen your muscles, careful and appropriate work to rehabilitate an injury, a calming guided meditation, or a mixture of them all!  Your private yoga class will be crafted to your personal requirements.


So whether your goal is a lean, athletic body or learning how to access that 'calm switch' in your mind, private yoga will help you achieve it.  PLUS you'll be fitter, improve your flexibility and yoga technique, have better supported joints, and greater core strength into the bargain!


Yoga is for people of all ages and occupations, so get in touch to discuss your class today or read on to find out in more detail how private yoga could work for you...


Build your yoga practice from the ground up with clear and relaxed instruction emphasising a simple focus on great alignment.  


Private classes allow beginners to develop solid foundations at their own pace, without comparison to others or feeling behind in a class full of students.

It's the perfect environment to progress through poses safely and confidently without developing bad habits so easily missed in larger classes.  


One-to-one instruction, tailored to your personal needs, will help you tone up, gain strength and flexibility, and learn effective relaxational techniques, including meditation if you wish.


Injuries, from sporting accidents to chronic pain, are demoralising and inhibiting. The rest period in recovery can leave you feeling weak and your body feeling 'wonky' as other areas take the strain instead.


Yoga is a wonderful way to manage an injury as it focusses on balancing out the body and supports joints without strain. You'll stay mobile and active and regain strength as you recover.  It's also perfect for combatting the mental frustration that comes with injury, promoting your sense of well-being and reconnecting you with your body.


Crucially, strengthening your joints and balancing out your weaker areas whilst practising correct alignment will help prevent future injury.  Private classes are tailored specifically to support your injury and include only poses that will benefit you.

Injury Rehabilitation

If you're already a fitness fanatic, yoga is the perfect way to round out your work out regime.  Improve your flexibility, develop long, lean, athletic muscle tone, and prevent those little niggling injuries by supporting joints with correct alignment.  


Yoga effectively eases tight muscles, soothing aches whilst building on the strength you've worked so hard to achieve.  It serves brilliantly as a vigorous, mobilising warm up before the gym or as a calming, full-body cool down, leaving you feeling as though you've had a massage, revitalised and ready for the next work out!


Private classes will help you get the most out of yoga as they are tailored to what needs your attention, pushing you towards your next fitness goal.

Gym Enthusiasts

Private classes don't just have to be one-on-one, yoga is also great as a group activity! 


Learning a new skill which promotes physical and mental well-being is the perfect way to bond with your friends and colleagues.  Many businesses find that group yoga classes at work create team unity and happier, less stressed, more productive staff.  


Or take class with a friend and enjoy the personal attention of private yoga while sharing the cost and supporting each other. 


Actors, singers, and public speakers can all benefit from a personal yoga practice before getting on stage.  


Calm your nerves, generate energy, and centre your mind to remove distractions and boost your confidence, ensuring you perform at your best.  Breathing exercises, meditation, and physical postures can be adapted to suit your needs; you will focus your thoughts, open the chest, relax the shoulders, and activate the diaphragm and core to aid vocal ability and projection.


Have your class backstage or in your dressing room before the show and feel loosened up and energised to get on stage and give a great performance!