Class Fees



Private classes start from £65 for a 1 hour session.  


Fees can vary according to your location and the time of day you wish to practice, but this can be arranged more specifically when you get in contact to discuss your needs. 


75 minute or 90 minute classes are also available and are recommended if you wish to include meditation or ballet barre elements in your class on top of the yoga postures.


Classes for groups of more than 2 students will be charged at a slightly higher hourly rate.


Discounted rates will be available when booking multiple classes in advance.


Please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.



What You Need for Class



1.  Yoga Mat

Choosing a mat can be tricky.  There are many options, so you need to decide how you'll be using it.  If you have to carry your mat with you a lot, find a lightweight one designed for portability.  Keep in mind that these are usually quite thin and provide little cushioning for your body, however, so if you can carry a slightly thicker mat you might find it worth the effort.  If you're planning on doing most of your yoga at home, you can take your pick of the luxury, thicker, and extra-long mats on offer.  Find something firmer if you are hoping to do lots of arm balances as very soft mats allow the heels of your hands to sink into the mat, putting more strain on the wrists.  Whatever else you choose, look for non-slip!


2.  Layers

Wear a long-sleeved layer.  It keeps you warm until you have generated some heat in your muscles and at the end of class before your body starts to cool down in the final relaxation pose.


3.  Towel

For wiping your brow, using as a mat topper, and rolling up to use as a bolster in long, passive stretching poses.


4.  Blocks, bricks, and a belt/strap

These are pieces of equipment used to stabilise and support your alignment in some poses which can be especially useful for beginners.  They are usually provided by your instructor and are not essential for everybody, but if you are finding them consistantly useful in your practise it's good to have your own.  Speak to your instructor about them once you've established your needs.